I was trying to access the page I had set up at last week. I was not able to access their site. I have written about this site previously in this Blog (as well as a follow-up). So I contacted Fred Stutzman, after I found his name on some OLD e-mails from the claimid-users mailing list. I hoped I could find out how long the site would be off-line.

Fred responded that they were having some problems with their “legacy code” that has been running for a long time. It would have taken considerable effort to re-architecture the service. And based on the page one is greeted with when you now visit their site, it appears this service is no more.

I always thought that the ClaimId site was a great idea and I have several accounts set up using the URI. The OpenID usage can be shifted to another service. But the listing of the sites that are either written by me or written about me will be harder to replace.

For those of you who were using this site, the problem becomes how to retrieve the information you had collected and posted on ClaimId. It occurred to me that this might actually be a very useful time to run a Google Search for my missing page and then examine (even save) the cached copy of my old page on the ClaimId service. I was able to do that and I have the info I need to reassemble the “by me” content listing.

I dropped a note to Fred about how I was able to recover my content. He wrote me back and shared a link for a script put together by Joel Purra that accesses the cached page and generates a nice dump in a json format.

I could not tell you how long the cached copies of people’s pages will be available. If you have useful data to recover, I’d suggest you do it soon. If you find another service like ClaimId, please add a comment below. I’ll look at anything my readers offer as alternatives. And I’ll write up information on any that I find to be potentially useful.

So I’ll say thank you to Fred and others who made the service available. May it Rest In Peace.

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