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FollowFriday: SysAdvent Calendar

4 December 2009

One of the Twitter practices that I have found helpful is FollowFriday.  I thought that this being Friday, it might be good to go a step further and post a blog entry with a slight twist.  The intent of a #followfriday post on twitter is to recommend other twitter users that you might consider following yourself.  I’d like to suggest (via This FollowFriday blog post) a blog that you might consider reading and possibly subscribing to.

For those who may not be familiar with the whole FollowFriday concept, I’ll recommend you read an article by Sharon Hayes-Tucci entitled “FollowFriday on Twitter“.  I’ll also offer this brief example (posted via my @n9kju twitter account today).

#followfriday @jordansissel and the SysAdvent Blog (

The #followfriday hashtag marks this as suggestions for others that you might consider following on Twitter.  If you visit the profile of the username(s) suggested (ie. @jordansissel) you can check to see if this is a twitter user that you might want to follow.

I’ve not seen anyone else tweet to suggest a blog for following. I want to suggest a blog that you should consider following.  Tweets are limited to 140 characters and that’s hardly enough to properly suggest the SysAdvent Calendar Blog.  But by posting this FollowFriday blog suggestion in my own blog, I overcome that limitation.

So what is this SysAdvent Calendar Blog.  Jordan Sissel created the Blog last year (2008). There have been perl advent calendars in years past. The idea was to put out one blog post each day starting Dec 1rst and then for the next 25 days.  This is just like an Advent calendar that you may have had in your house when you were growing up.  At my house, my siblings and I  took turns opening one door on the Advent caledar each day.  Last year, Jordan offered to take postings from other SysAdmins, but he ended up doing almost all the writing himself.  This year, Matt Simmons has been helping contact other SysAdmins to seek submissions for this years calendar.

Each article is written to focus on a single, somewhat-specific idea related to systems administration.  The target audience is the intermediate or senior level SysAdmin.  Having said that, I know that they hope to have at least one posting by a junior SysAdmin this year.

When you do visit the SysAdvent Blog, you will find the most recent posting listed first and older entries are sequenced below that most recent entry.  In fact, if you keep going down the list (back in time) you will find the 25 articles that made up last years inaugural version of the SysAdvent Calendar.

I think this is a really great idea.  I’ve enjoyed browsing through many of the posts from last year.  And I look forward to reading new posts as they come on-line this year.

Please let me know if you find this sort of Blog following article helpful.  I follow a quite a few and I expect several of them would be worthy of a FollowFriday Blog article.


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