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The Nov 2010 Top500 Supercomputer list

18 November 2010

The Top500 Supercomputer list is published twice a year, in June and November. The November release comes out during the annual SuperComputing conference. This years new release came out November 16th, 2010, the 36th Top500 Supercomputer List. There is no prize for where one places on the list. You just get “bragging rights”.

With my work at Fermilab’s HPC department, I help keep several clusters up and running. Our fastest production cluster is called J/Psi and it placed as #308 on this 36th edition of the list. This J/Psi cluster placed as #188 on the list last June. When J/Psi was in burn-in testing, it placed as #110 on the June 2009 list. We have a new cluster not yet in production and undergoing burn-in testing. We ran the Linpack benchmark against it and it is listed as #216 on the list.

Those of you who were at the LISA 2010 conference last week may have sat in on the “Storage Performance Management” presentation by Matt Provost of Weta Digital. He mentioned their five clusters of high performance compute nodes. Those five clusters placed as #462 through #466 on this November list. These same clusters were ranked #279-283 on the list last June. They were listed as #144-144 a year earlier in June 2009.

The one other fact I wanted to note from this current list. Of the top 30 clusters listed, nine of them are DOE (U.S. Dept of Energy) related sites. Being as Fermilab is a DOE site, I’ll point out with pride that 30% of the Top 30 sites are DOE research facilities. There are lots of other facts and/or statistics that one can draw from these lists. But these are the ones that are of interest to me.

I encourage you to check out the list. What jumps out as interesting to you? Do you work with or use a system on this list? Or is there some Top … list that your systems are listed on?


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