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Getting ready for LISA’10

18 October 2010

I started this particular Blog right after the LISA ’09 conference in Baltimore. I’ve not posted to it as often as I thought I would. But with LISA’10 less than 4 weeks away, I have a few things I need to put out there and I think this Blog is the proper medium for doing that.

I’m pleased to see different things being mentioned on Twitter. I’m very pleased to see that the LISA’10 web page lists the #lisa10 tag right at the top. I know that I found Twitter to be quite useful at the conference last year. I have a #lisa10 tag search column defined on my TweetDeck client.

I firmly believe that the “Hallway Track” is one of the most valuable things about a LISA conference. It is no surprise to me that when they listed “reasons to attend” right there on the first web page, they list “Face Time with Industry Leaders” as their first reason. I have been able to sit and chat with a number of the people who teach tutorials and write the books that we all read. I’ve learned that these folks are quite approachable. I’ve offered some detailed feedback to a few of the presenters after I sat through their sessions. They appreciated the constructive comments that help them polish their presentations.

I’m particularly looking forward to connecting face to face with several friends I have met through Twitter. I met Matt (@standalone) on twitter before the conference. I attended his BoF session on Blogging. I believe Matt will be leading the Blogging team for this year’s conference. It was great to get to know him in Baltimore and I look forward to seeing him again in San Jose. There are several other folks I met in Baltimore and I’m not sure how many of them I will see again next month.

For me, it is the people that I meet and get to know at the conference that make it so very valuable. I’ve attended many of these since my first back in 1995. It gets a little easier to choose training sessions and Workshops when I can look at the lists and say “I’ve already been in Tom Limoncelli’s (@YesThatTom) Time Management class“. That leaves me open this year so I can attend the Knowledge Management workshop on Monday morning, led by Mark Burgess.

I will be leading two BoF (Birds of a Feather) sessions again this year. I’m repeating the two I did last year. The first is a GPG Key Signing BoF and the second is a CAcert BoF, both on Tuesday evening. I will be submitting more detailed descriptions for both of these soon. And I plan to put up some added comments and instructions for those who plan to attend.


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