Follow-up on Facebook “Privacy” Settings

I offer this as a follow-up to my earlier posting when Facebook changed its “privacy” policies.

I recently came across another Blog post that confirms everyone’s need to be concerned about the new Facebook privacy (or should we say lack-of-privacy) policies. Check out Dan Raine’s post called “I Know Everything About You from Your Email Address“.  Dan’s posting offers a link to an article at entitled “Rogue Marketers Can Mine Your Info on Facebook” discusses how truly scary it is when you look at how much information people can collect through Facebook under their new privacy poolicies.

I respect that Dan is up front and honest about what information he collects about people who visit his site.  And I see the red flag that he points out.  There is so much information that is so easy to collect now that Facebook has changed its default settings making more of every users publicly accessible, unless you the user go in and change those settings.

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One Comment on “Follow-up on Facebook “Privacy” Settings”

  1. Another good article about the need to check your Facebook Privacy settings including “the big 3” you should check.

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