Why ‘de N9KJU’?

I am a ham radio operator, albeit not very active lately. My callsign is N9KJU.  I have used this callsign on occasions where I need a short, simple and/or unique username or handle that identifies me.  For example, you can find me on Twitter as @n9kju.  It seems appropriate to use the callsign as the unique part of the URL for this blog.

So what’s with the ‘de’.  Ham radio operators have passed messages for years.  We pass them as something like amateur telegrams. This started in the medium of morse code where keeping the message short is important.  More recently these messages are passed via RTTY (Radio TeleType).  One thing that is commonly done is using abbreviations as a form of shorthand.  Also, when hams communicate via morse code, they have common abreviations.  An abbreviation I have used when signing messages I delivered was “de N9KJU” which translates as ‘this is N9KJU’.

So this blog is about my thoughts, opinions and ideas.  If you visit this log over time, you will get to know a bit more about me and the way I think.  So the more you visit, the more you know.  Over time, you may come to the point where you will say “So… this is N9KJU”.

More later.  Ken S.

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